Writing the family book…

I am in the process of writing “the Book” on one part of the Calhoun Family.  ROBERT CHARLES CALHOUN and ELIZABETH ANN PARKE were my husband’s great-grandparents.

Calhoun Parke
Eliza Ann Parke and Robert Charles Calhoun

I have collected a 3-inch binder-full of material on them and on their children.  I have found so many interesting things that the documents have uncovered about this amazing group of people.  I am trying to decide how many documents I will include in the PDF-book that I am creating.  I am in the process of deciding the page layout…what will look aesthetically pleasing?  (I worked on my high school yearbook and was on the layout staff, so I know a little bit about this.)

This is actually less fun than collecting the data but it is the reason I collected all this data…to tell their story.

Their story started in Ballinamore, County Leitrim, Ireland.  Robert was a teacher in the Church of Ireland school.  Eliza was either a student or a teacher’s assistant.  Romance ensued.  They married in Feb 1872 and got on a ship for Canada.  They had 10 children (that I could find a record of), with 3 of those children dying in childhood.  I want to tell this story in the right way.  Can I do it?

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